Wildlife Gardening


Turning your garden into a wildlife haven is incredibly rewarding, can be good for your garden and needn't be a lot of work.  I will be adding sections from my nature notes as time goes by.

Recommended Books:

Chris Packham's Back Garden Nature Reserve, Chris Packham.
This new book by my colleague Chris Packham is a great introduction to wildlife gardening and I heartily recommend it.  It's definitely his best so far.

The Bird Table Book, Tony Soper.
A real classic, and one that I constantly refer to.  Sadly, it appears to be out of print at the moment, but second-hand copies are often available, click the link to search.

Birds in Your Garden, Tony Soper, Roger Lovegrove, John Busby (Illustrator)
The follow-up to the New Bird Table book, definitely worth looking at.

How to Make a Wildlife Garden, Chris Baines.

Nestboxes, Chris Du Feu
This is THE book if you want to get into building nest boxes.  There are plans for boxes to suit everything from blue tits to eagles, with a great deal in between.

RSPCA Guide to Garden Wildlife, Val Porter

Care of the Wild, Feathered and Furred, Mae Hickman, Maxine Guy
This is a good introduction to wildlife first-aid and I constantly refer to my copy.  However, unless you regularly have to deal with injured animals brought to your door by the local children as I do, it's probably not for you.  If you find an injured animal that needs assistance take it to a vet or contact your local animal welfare charity (RSPCA in the UK).

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