Exploring Water


Things may look peaceful on the surface but take time to explore beneath the water and you enter an aquatic battlefield…

Delving about in ponds and rockpools is great fun and a fantastic way to discover how nature works.  Even the smallest pool of water can be stocked full of both hunters and the hunted, all fighting for survival.  You don't need a whole load of specialist equipment in order to get started, but you do need a little preparation to make sure your aquatic exploration is both rewarding and safe.

These pages provide some basic ideas for assembling an explorer's toolkit and some essential safety notes.  Please read and learn the Pond Code before you go anywhere.  If you are a teacher / youth leader, please discuss the pond code with your group before you leave base to ensure it sinks in.  If you are under 18, please get your parents' permission to go exploring, they might prefer you to be accompanied by an adult to ensure your safety.

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