Broadcast Work


An online copy of my current Showreel is now available.  Please note, this is a large file, optimized for delivery over fast connections.  If it fails to play smoothly download it to your computer first or order a showreel by mail.


I have been working as a television presenter since 1993 when I first joined the Really Wild Show.  Although I have now presented a wide range of factual programmes for both UK and International clients, I'm still, "The Really Wild Animal Man", to a generation of kids.  For this reason, a great deal of my television and video work continues to revolve around animals.

Over the last few years I have fronted, and helped write/direct a number of sell-through and corporate videos.  I also contribute to news, lifestyle and current affairs programmes (both radio and television) as a guest expert and I am a  familiar face on GMTV (Good Morning Television - UK) news, whenever animals and the environment make it into the news.

My strength as a presenter is my "infectious enthusiasm" (so I'm told), and ability to explain complex scientific concepts in an understandable and entertaining way.  I have a degree in Biology, experience of teaching and designing interpretation materials for both adults and children, experience in directing radio and television features and extensive contacts with organisations and individuals who work with animals/wildlife.  It's quite a varied skills list and it often comes in useful.

Video clips are available on a sample CD and Video (PAL - VHS or DVD) which is available on request.  Please note that this is a business to business service only.  Copies of either (or both) can be emailed to my office.   Alternatively, I have placed a small selection of material online, check out the video index.


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