Camouflage Links:

Here are some links to help you explore issues linked to my article on camouflage.  If you find a link you think is good, but not included in my list, get in touch and I'll add it.  Enjoy.


General Camouflage

Sadly, most Websearches for Camouflage will bring up US sites written for hunters, very basic sites aimed at infant teachers or, the opposite extreme, highly technical research papers.  There are still a few worth checking out.  Start with How Stuff Works and then move on to the others.



Optical Illusions

Rufus Butler Seder is an Optical Artist who produces amazing effects with black and white strips.

Click the images on the right for a selection of fun optical illusion websites. If you really want to get into illusions, check out  Edward Adelson's comprehensive research papers and Flash animations at MIT.


Colour Blindness

  • Take an online colour blindness test based on Dr. Ishihara's colour cards.
  • Find out how designers at British Telecom try to cater for the needs of the colour blind.
  • Why do Primates like us have such good colour vision.  Read about the latest research findings at BBCi.