Africa Alert Team


Howie Watkins:

Howie started and continues to co-ordinate the Art Alert project.  Best known for his work as a presenter on the popular BBC television programme, "The Really Wild Show",  Howie has been working with young people since graduating from university in 1990.   He has experience of public relations, event organisation, environmental education and has been organising performance art events of this kind on a variety of themes since 1990.  You can view a more detailed biography here.

Wyn Griffiths:

Wyn has worked with Howie on a number of Art Alert projects, most notably at Gelli Aur Country Park, Penscynor Wildlife Park and Swansea County Show.  He holds a BA in three-dimensional design (University of Wales, Newport) a PGCE specialising in technology education (University of Wales, Swansea College) and an Msc. in product design (University of the West of England).  He has experience of working both in industry and academia and is currently a senior lecturer at the University of Bournmouth.  Amazingly, he still finds time to join Howie when Elephants, Whales, Dragons, etc. need constructing.

Michael Shadbolt:

Michael is another long-standing member of the team.  He studied Landscape Architecture at Leeds University and holds both BA (hons) and Diplomas in Landscape Architecture.  He is a freelance community landscape architect who specialises in learning environments.  An advocate of "Planning for Real" he is currently working on a number of projects for the groundwork trust allowing young people to help design their own play environments.

Chris Andrews:

Chris, the newest member of the team, first joined in 1997 as site foreman on the Ocean Alert project.  Having survived the experience, he has become an invaluable member of the team.  He designed and supervised the mural section of the installation.  Chris holds a BA in Fine Art (Cardiff).


In addition to the core team, the Africa Alert Project was made possible by the able assistance of Steve and Colin, from Swansea Institute;  Tina Mills, Louisa and Barbara Watkins; and, of course, the staff and supporters of DSCF.


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